My Journey to Become a Better Human Being

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Almost 8 years ago, I graduated from university with a bachelor’s degree. Literally 13 days after my graduation day, I packed one suitcase and left my home country to live in England.

At that point, I was convinced that this was the right thing to do rather than continuing my education by signing up for the master level studies. Most of the people I knew at that time struggled to understand my decision and were trying to convince me to stay and continue studying. In the country of my origin, higher education was regarded as a ‘must’ to achieve something in life. Yet, I voluntarily resigned from further studies and was moving to a country where, according to my advisors, ‘I had to start everything from the beginning’.

I had £400.00 in my pocket when I landed in Doncaster in July 2008. I also had a room at my friend’s house for which she only charged me £30.00 per week for the first few months. This was a huge help! However, the biggest thing that I had during that time was this huge, restless and relentless belief that I will be fine! For some hard to explain reason, I knew that whatever happens I will be ok! I felt that England was a big chance for me to build something of my own, learn more about myself and become a better human being.

After 6 weeks of searching, I managed to get a job in a restaurant and soon after that my first office job. I remember waking up every day at 7:30 and thinking that some of my friends were probably now moving from one side of their pillows to the other after another heavy party. 😉 I was coming back home around 6pm, super tired and sometimes super bored thinking that my friends were most likely just about to leave to another party..

But I had a mission!

I wanted to become someone despite not having a master degree and leaving my country!

I wanted to be successful!

That’s when I started reading even more about personal development, goals, persuasion and self-management and every time I would come across a great quote I would write it down on a piece of paper and stick it on the wall in my tiny room with a Blu-tack (when my friend saw all these Blu-tacks on her super white walls she almost throw me out of the house! 😉 ). I would stick those quotes in such places that I could see them every morning as soon as I woke up. And believe me, I have never been a morning person therefore any extra motivation that would drag me out of bed was always needed! 🙂

The reason why I write this blog post now is because today, when I was looking through my ‘memories box’ I found some of those quotes and… now they are back on my kitchen board! 🙂

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Including this one which is one my all time favourites:

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 20.29.10

This graphic, which was given to me on a really bad day at work by one of my colleagues. It helped me many times not too quit when I was doing something really difficult. Being an immigrant, a foreigner, a single, a graduate with no practical knowledge, a young woman in business, a learner of English language and a person scared of public speaking – just these few things caused me enough of dark moments to doubt in myself!

But whenever I did,  I would read all my wall quotes and the hope for the better times would once again start growing in my heart. 🙂

Many things have changed during those last 8 years in my life, but two things remain the same – I am still living in England and still, everyday, I do my best to build something of my own, learn more about myself and become a better human being.

And that is a truly fascinating journey!