Why Do You Want to Bin Your Fear?

Two very interesting things happened today.

One of the speakers that I follow on Linkedin published the following post:

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 19.44.41

Kirsty, a well-known presenter in the digital marketing world, decided to share with her followers that speaking at conferences helped her gain more confidence, learn more and meet more people. She went as far as saying that it changed her life.

I loved that she did it and couldn’t agree more with this!

So much that I wish I could convince the whole world to give it a try! 🙂

This newly gained confidence that comes from speaking, from hearing your firm and relaxed voice, from making a connection with a group of people and knowing that you are teaching someone something new, it’s something very special. So special, that once you learn it, it has the ability to have a much bigger impact on your whole life!

Learning how to bin my public speaking fear (or rather how to manage it) did so much more for me than helping me deliver better presentations or feeling more comfortable in front of the public.

The confidence gained from obtaining this new skill has been shining on a lot of things that I have done in business or in my private time ever since!

There is something immensely empowering in believing that you can do something, decide to make a change in your life based on that belief and then actually make it happen! It is such a liberating feeling that you just want to do it again and again and again! 🙂

Today reminded me of all of this firmly because of another event that also took place.

Towards the end of the day, Anna, a colleague of mine shared with me that she has recently attended a content marketing conference where a motivational speaker, Jim Lawless delivered his talk.

Firstly, I was very happy to hear that these type of speakers are now invited to digital marketing events! Don’t we all sometimes need a bit more motivation regardless of how technical/creative/specialised/you-name-it our job is? 🙂

Secondly, I found the story that he presented very interesting. During the event, he (as Anna reported to me) told the audience how, during one of his speeches on fear, someone from the audience challenged him to put into practice what he preached and attempt one of the most frightening and dangerous things in the world – becoming a horse jockey. And to make it easy to measure, in order to complete the challenge he would have to ride in a televised race in one year’s time!

Jim was 36 at the time, has never ridden a horse, was overweight and smoked cigarettes. But yet he accepted the bet. He did that to prove that a fear can be tamed and you can decide and do whatever you want to do if you truly committed and determined to make it happen.

Do you wonder if he did it? 🙂 Check out this video!

I truly, madly, deeply believe that whatever I firmly put my mind to I can do!

This belief has helped me experience over the last 12 years some truly remarkable things in my life. Things that I have never even dreamt of doing!

For me, getting rid of a fear was a purely practical solution that I desired. I was really shy at expressing my opinions during the business meetings. I would mostly stay quiet even if I thought I had a good idea. One day, out of pure frustration that I could no longer tolerate this limiting feeling, I said that enough was enough and signed myself up for a public speaking course.

All I was thinking at that point is that I could not, should not, must not tolerate any longer this silly fear of mine!!

Little did I know at that time where that would lead me to!

What’s your reason to get rid of the fear? 

Find a strong one, get annoyed with your fear, work hard and anything will be possible!

Even becoming a horse jockey! 🙂



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