My passport got stolen but…


Do you believe that all things in life happen for a reason?

Yesterday, my passport and mobile phone got stolen in Barcelona. I spent 3 hours at the police station trying to get a document that would allow me to fly home after a busy week of training. However, even with that document, I was refused at the airport to board the plane. The embassy of my country is now closed until Monday and after an unsuccessful search for any alternative, the only thing I could do is to go back to the hotel from which I checked out earlier that day.

Quite scary and shocking experience if you ask me..

Being stuck in Barcelona meant that today I had a full day for myself. I decided to go to Park Guell – one of my favourite places in the world. I sat there for hours underneath a tree, reading an amazing book, listening to my favourite album and admiring beautiful views – something that I always wanted to do but never had time for during all my previous visits to this city.

While sitting in the park, I observed people, who were capturing few photos and then quickly moving to the next place. I saw teenagers, mums with kids and middle-aged couples taking endless selfies and portraits with two-seconds-long, big smiles on their faces.

And I couldn’t stop thinking…

What is going to happen with all of these photos?

The owners will probably:

a) post them on Facebook the same day making some of their friends wish they could be somewhere else right now and therefore feel a bit dissatisfied with their lives

b) watch them a few years later wishing that they could live the past again

c) forget about them and the place itself since what they really focused on was technology rather than the real beauty of this amazing location

Yesterday was not the greatest days of my life, but if those unpleasant events didn’t happen I wouldn’t experience and learn something very special.

Today taught me a very important lesson – to slow down, make time for myself and enjoy every beautiful moment when it actually happens.

Because that’s where the real beauty, happiness and peace can be found.

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